Millo’s “BLIND” mural in Bonito, Italy



‘BLIND’ is a lovely mural by Italian artist Millo painted for the Impronte Art Festival organised by Collettivo Boca in collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo Foundation in Bonito, Italy.
The mural depicts a giant young girl laying in a park in the middle of a busy metropolis whilst she holds a rainbow between her hands. Each artist was asked to choose one pair of shoes as a source of inspiration for the murals. Millo’s choice was  the famous “rainbow shoes” which Salvatore Ferragamo designed in 1938 for Judy Garland, at the time she was playing ‘’Dorothy’’ in the ”The Wizard of Oz”.
The message is simple, discover the magic inside you and get use to love it.

“Sometimes like blind men we don’t see the magic inside of us, we don’t see the beauty we bring with us, and the uniqueness belonging to each of us, we act like blind forgetting how special we are. Let yourself rediscover the rainbow.”

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